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timing belts

As you are probably aware timing belts are one of the most important serviceable parts on your vehicle. Serviceable means the part has a predetermined life span.

All makes & models vary hugely, some cars need their belts replacing every 60,000 miles, some every 120.000 miles!

Some cars also need to have the water pumps replaced at the same time, this is because the belt goes around the water pump pulley and if the pulley fails then so does the belt.

As far as timing belts go, prevention is definitely better than cure! The cost of a timing belt failure can sometimes run into thousands. Having your timing belt replaced at the correct interval is essential for your car and your wallet!

If, however your timing belt/chain does fail it might not be as costly as you would think to repair the damage. Although repairing broken/bent valves caused by timing belt/chain failure can be very time consuming and costly we have the technicians and know how to fix your problem at a competitive price and to exacting standards.

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Vag Belt Kit & Water pump From: £320.00
Ford Belt Kit From: £240.00
Vauxhall Belt Kit From: £220.00
Renault Belt Kit From: £220.00
Jaguar Belt Kit From: £380.00
Range Rover Belt Kit From: £380.00


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